Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Day of Thanks

To borrow from the words our beloved President Monson:

Accentuate the Positive
Eliminate the Negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don't mess with Mr In-Between.

Good advice then, good advice now. This is a wonderful time to be living here on earth. Our opportunities are limitless. While there are some things wrong in the world today, there are many things right.
We can lift ourselves, and others as well, when we refuse to remain in the realm of negative though and cultivate within our hearts an attitude of gratitude. If ingratitude may be numbered among the serious sins, then gratitude takes its place among the most noble of virtues.

How wonderful to have a day focused on giving thanks.
How much I have to be grateful for.
The most amazing, loving and kind husband
An incredibly loving and supportive family
Darling nephews and a beautiful niece
A faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
The ability to share my testimony with those I meet and work with
The opportunity to assist others at a time of great need and pain
The chance to perform surgery
Fabulous friends
A warm home
Plentiful food
The chance to experience all that living in LA has to offer
Good health
Frequent visits home to Utah
Co-workers I am going to be crushed to no longer see everyday
Grammy's stuffing and gravy
Starbucks hot chocolate
Cafe Rio
The Utah Jazz
Christmas tree with glistening lights
The sound of waves crashing on the shore
The smell of peppermint and bubblegum (not together)
Bubble baths
The advanced technology I can't imagine living my life without
Back rubs
Fashion magazines
My red hair
Baseball hats
Sleeping in
Dansko clogs
High heels
I-tunes for my I-pod
Reality TV
The sound of laughter
Happy tears
And the list goes on and on....
I am grateful for a day of thanks

Thursday, November 18, 2010


It is a Thursday morning.
It is 9:27AM and I am still in bed listening to "Regis and Kelly"
in the background.
I have worked about a gazillion hours in the past week trying to
"restore the flow".... I am on vascular surgery and working furiously
to try to save patients limbs from poor blood supply.
Funny how these emergencies always tend to present to the
ER late in the evening...
However, all these late night emergencies have earned me a day off
in the middle of the week!
I almost don't know what to do with myself...
Oh that my pager I hear???
Yes, for the 5th time this morning
not including the 2 direct phone calls.
Maybe it would have been easier to just go to work.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grammy Char's Surprise 75th Birthday

I was so lucky to be able to arrange my schedule to fly to Utah for a weekend in June to be there for Grammy Char's surprise 75th birthday party!

I boarded a flight at 7:00AM on the day of the party in sweats, flip-flops and a baseball hat with the plan to arrive in Utah at 10:30AM, go straight to Aunt Mindy's to ready myself and then off the park for the 2:00 party. I arrived in Utah on-time, and waited and waited and waited for my luggage to come off of the carousel however to no avail. It is now 11:15 and I head straight for the Delta luggage customer service counter only to be told that my suitcase was placed on the flight after mine and would arrive at 1:00PM. I was distraught and angry to say the least as I had arrived at LAX in plenty of time to check my bag. After a heated conversation with the agent and being threatened to have security escort me out, I was left with few choices. Kenzie had kindly driven down from Ogden to pick me up, but I had to send her back home to finish helping set up for the party. I headed off to the nearest car rental counter to get a car and then off to Gateway Mall to shop away my frustration find something to wear should my bag stay MIA. Part of the frustration of the missing bag included a priceless baseball signed by former Dodger players that Todd had gotten for his Dad's birthday...silly me for checking anything of value! Back to the airport and finally my bag appears at 1:45PM. I frantically drive as quickly as I dare to Ogden and ready myself in about 10 minutes flat as the party has already started and I have missed the great surprise of Grandma's arrival.

As I reach the pavilion, Grandma's back was to me and she was busy talking to other party-goers. Cannon tugs on shirt to get her attention and tells her someone wants to say hi....ME! I had called Grandma earlier that day as I was stranded at the airport waiting for my luggage and had a long conversation about LA weather and how work had been that morning and how sad I was that I had an emergency case that afternoon instead of being able to spend the day with Todd. Oops, guess I was lying about my whereabouts!!!

Me and Todd's parents

Yeah...the baseball!

Enjoying some snuggle time with my sweet Creed!

Sisters...minus Jocelyn.
Sure love these girls!

Two of the very most thoughtful, caring, righteous and wonderful men that I know!

After the party at the park, we then had a BBQ for the family.
Delicious food, a spirited game of kickball and a water much fun!

Strong like bull Wolthuis Girls holding our brother!

Oops, not for long...Johnny on his way down!

Brady cheering us goofy we are!

I couldn't ask for better siblings!!!

Mommy and Daddy....and of course Uncle Lorin and his infamous "bunny fingers"!

Singing Happy Birthday to Grammy!

Best Dad in the World!

Trying to get a picture with my precious nephews and niece...about as good as it can get!

Me and My Princess Paisley!

I think Jocelyn and I fared the worst at the end of the water fight...
And we tried to avoid it!

I was fortunate enough to be able to stay in Utah for most of Sunday and attend church and enjoy a fabulous Sunday dinner cooked by Mom. We took Johnny and Brittney to the airport and then had some time before my flight so we headed to Temple Square. We were able take a tour of the Conference Center roof-top garden and marvel at what the church is able to create! And then it was back to LA for me...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

I can't believe that Todd and I are celebrating our 11 year wedding anniversary today. I t seems like just yesterday that we were sharing our first kiss by the WHS tennis courts during a Halloween stomp as sophomores in high school! What absolute utter joy that you have brought into my life...more that I could have ever dreamed possible! Heavenly Father has truly blessed me with the most amazing and wonderful husband imaginable and I would be utterly lost without you! You sacrifice so much on my behalf...and I know that it is not equally returned! You never fail to provide for my needs whatever they may be. You go out of your way to cook, clean, do errands, grocery shop and ensure that the laundry is always done despite how busy you are. You carry me to bed when I am absolutely too exhausted to walk the short distance from the couch to bedroom, never forgetting to get my alarm set for the next morning. You allow me to stay in bed and answer intern and resident endless pages and phone calls all through the night even though you may be on call the next day. You are loving, kind, thoughtful, supportive, a worthy priesthood holder and exercise that power within our home, and despite how tired or stressed you may be feeling, you never fail to bring a smile to my face when all I want to do is cry...and if I do cry, your supportive shoulder and listening ear are always there! How blessed I am to be your wife. If asked to make a list of the qualities I hoped and looked for in a husband, my best list would have fallen very short of the man that you are. I love and adore you more than I ever imagined possible! You are the love of my life!!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Other Side of the Knife

I have been struggling for months with my right hand.

Excruciating pain.
Electric shocks shooting up my arm.
Having to use my left hand to assist my dysfunctional
right hand while operating.
Painful steroid injections into my wrist by my sweet husband
at home late at night while I whimper and cry.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

After the injections were no longer helping and operating had become
just too painful to bear, I decided it was time for more definitive action.

That's for the surgeon.

Me waiting to be rolled back to the operating room.
And yes, I look drugged because I was drugged...versed to be exact!

The Aftermath...still drugged and showing it!

Post-Operative Day #8.
Swelling improved.
Bruising significantly better.
Signs of "hum...what happened...suicide attempt gone bad" diminishing.

My surgeons post-op instructions to me: use sparingly,

My own post-op instructions: use at will,
whimper as needed, operating 6 days later!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kauai 2010....CONTINUED

Days 7 and 8

Friday morning the Wolthuis klan and Grammy Char went tubing down the old canals that had been used to water the sugar cane fields. We spent 3 hours in "delightfully tepid" water streaming down narrow canals and through caves. We had an absolute fabulous time!!! The brother-in-laws kept everybody entertained tossing each other from their tube, splashing and making a ruckus!

After our tubing adventure, we hiked to these hidden lake where you are able to cliff jump and ride the most incredible tree swing! It took some of few moments to convince myself to jump. Others...Brady and Cannon...showed no fear leaping off the cliff without a second thought!
Brady mid-backflip!

On my way bet I have my nose plugged!

Jocey mid-jump with Daddy watching!

Cannon truly loved cliff jumping!!!

Saturday morning we all worked to pack and clean the condos in preparation to leave.
Of course, I had to have a picture of the island's endangered species...roosters!

Mommy and Grammy outside the condo...I love these gals!

The entire blessed I am to be a member of this family!

We then traveled to the southern part of the island through the tunnel of trees and to the spouting horn.

Then it was off to the airport and back to reality.
As we were eating lunch that afternoon, Todd got a call from the airline that the plane we were supposed to connect on in Oahu was having mechanical troubles and would we mind taking a later but direct flight...IN FIRST, let me think about that...YES!!!

Jocey modeling all of our straw hats...

Todd is such a sweetheart and helps haul all of my things....
here he is modeling my straw hats, and the purse and carry-on he always lugs for me!

Brady and Laurel enjoying first class...and the space it provided for Paisley to sleep easily on the floor underneath them!

Jocey and Mommy enjoying our lovely meal!

Daddy Warbucks traveling the way he deserves!!!
Thanks for a fabulous vacation!

Fabulous vacation...sad it had to come to an end!

And last but not least, congrats to Brittney on winning the
"MAY I" well played!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kauai 2010....CONTINUED

Day 6

Thursday morning was spent snorkeling
at Tunnels Beach.
We all had a great time admiring the
beautiful coral and fish.

That afternoon, we went on a catamaran boat cruise
of the norther part of the island.

Jocey is all ready to see the fishies!!!

Paisely not convinced she likes the sand and water...

Larry, our boat guide....

Grammy catching some zzz.... along with the waves!

After we got dropped at shore, we had to wait in the pitch black
for the cars to come and get was it dark!
Good think we had each other as we were left there
waiting for over 30 minutes!