Sunday, June 29, 2008

Congrats Jeff Tingey...ISU Interim Athletic Director!

Jeff and his wife Amber have been dear friends of ours since he tranfered from Ricks to Weber State and became teammates with Todd in 2000. Such good memories of Todd and Jeff running on the same relay team and beating BYU in the 4X400 in dramatic fashion more than once, as well as the hated NAU in the conference championships! Jeff was always the unfailing last leg and never let the team down! After graduating at WSU, he stayed on in the athletic department there before heading down to BYU. For the past year, he has been working at ISU and was recently named the Interim Athletic Director! "As one of the youngest to lead a Division I Athletics program, Tingey has already hired two new coaches, Chad Teichert in volleyball and Seton Sobolewski in women's basketball. He also has overseen the final aspects of a budget recovery plan that enabled Idaho State to recover from a nearly $800,000 deficit. The department is now in the black as it heads into the 2008-09 season. He has also increased ISU's marketing presence in the community, bringing in nearly $600,000 in corporate dollars to the athletic department, and expanding ISU's influence in the region." The Tingeys have been modest in not bragging about their most exciting news, so Todd and I are taking the opportunity to do it for them! It is nice to have friends in high places! surely deserve it!

Happy Birthday Johnny and Carl!

Happy Birthday to Carl and Johnny. These two have spent many a birthday doing things other than celebrating their special day....pagents, recitals, farewells, homecomings....and always without complaint...ok, rarely some complaining from Johnny.... Thanks for sharing your day with all of us. Hope that this one is dedicated just to you! We miss you and wish that we were there to spend the day with you!
C--caring and kind to all
A--a true family man, always putting his family first. A wonderful son, brother, husband and father.
R--righteous, a great example of living the gospel principles
L--listener, always available to listen and support

Johnny on our most recent vacation in San Diego June 2008

J--jokester to the end!
O--obedient and righteous, such a good example of always doing what is right
H--happy, always the life of the party!
N--nurturing and so kind to our family, the most supportive and loving brother anyone could ask for!
N--nutty, always the one to make us laugh with a story, funny face or voice
Y--BYU fan, true blue through and through...a love for a sports team that is truly unmatched!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Grammy and Jocey!

Me and Grammy at my wedding and my graduation from Weber State.

G--greatest Grandma EVER! My favorite traveling companion!

R--righteous and exemplary woman. Life filled with love.

A--admirable in every aspect of her life

M--marvelously fun! The greatest card shark we all aspire to beat!

M--most beautiful

Y--BYU fan, true blue through and through

Jocelyn and I parasailing in the Bahamas May 2007

J--joyful, brings fun and laughter wherever she goes

O--obedient, always setting the example of what is right

C--completely brillant, the smartest one in the family next to dad!

E--elegant and graceful ballerenia

L--loving and caring, can always be counted on. Legs that go on for miles!

Y--BYU fan, true blue through and through

N--naturally beautiful

I absolutely love and adore both of you! My life wouldn't be the same without your love, example and influence! I wish so much that I was there to share in your birthday celebration! I hope that you both have a wonderful day and an even better year to come!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame! GO DODGERS!

Todd has grown up loving the Dodgers! We went to our first game last summer to celebrate Carl's 60th birthday! Todd's brother Jason is here visiting with his family and we got a chance to go to the Dodger--Indians game this past Saturday! However, with the current heat wave melting SoCal, we sat through 110 degree weather (and that was in the shade). It got up to 120 degrees on the field at one point of the game! Although the Dodgers lost in extra innings, we still had a great time!

Outside the stadium...

Enjoying the game

Jason and Andrew

C.C. Sabathia...Cy Young award winner 2007
Only the second Indian to be given the award.

Jeff Kent, long time Dodger, hitting a double and an RBI.

A view from our seats of the stadium along the 1st base line

Dodger stadium is on a hill just outside of downtown LA...
A view of the skyline from the parking lot.

Here you can see LAC-USC Hospital in the background.
A new county hospital is currently being built right next to the current
hospital and will open this fall,
however the current building is considered a landmark and will
converted to offices and some clinics.

Proof of the hot temperature...5:18PM in the car after the game.
105 degrees while in the shade...

Surgery Graduation Party 2008

Here are a few pics from the party to honor our graduating chiefs...Wanted to let my family and friends now be able to put a face to all of the names I talk about so often and spend so much of my time with!

JBK (Justin) and Joyce...2 of the new chiefs and who I spend the past weeks at Kaiser with.

You won't find a more fashionable guy that JBK...even with my best efforts, Todd still resists enough to fall a little short! I owe my cute graduation dress to JBK who was able to persuade Todd it was worth every pennny! Joyce and I were often found shoppin on the web while inbetween cases!

Juliette was my chief for part of my colorectal and vascular rotations this past year!
She is always smiling and helps you to laugh when you just sometimes want to cry!
She is heading to USC for a laparoscopic/colorectal fellowship.

Alicia was my chief last year on CT surgery and this year on vascular surgery!
She is an absolute crack up...favorite Alicia quote to patient we ambutated part of their foot:
"How is your paw feeling this morning?"
She is starting at City of Hope in LA for a surgical oncology fellowship...very prestigious!

Alex and I have probably spent more time together these past 2 years than Todd and I.
He was my chief on CT sugery, GI-Onc and SICU/trauma last year, vascular surgery this year.
He and Todd are actually long-lost clones. They couldn't be more alike in their attitude and approach to things...especially when they are dealing with me!
Favorite Alex quotes:
"Don't worry. I can fix anything you mess up."
Alex is going to UT-Southwestern for a plastic surgery fellowship
(one of the best in the nation).

The girls of General Surgery...
From Left to Right:
Joyce (5th year), Arezou (2nd year), Taryne (3rd year), Me (3rd year),
Rebecca (intern) and Sari (intern)

A few of the OR techs who take such good care of us...
Amy (red dress) is like my second mother. A trauma call night doesn't go by without some wonderful homemade food from Amy to help you survive until morning! She has even been known to bring you food in on a night she isn't even working!
Ida and Ricardo (white suit, far right) also really look out for the residents!
Cliff (2nd from the left) is one of my fellow 3rd year residents!

Caridad (red shirt) is a fiesty Cuban who is an OR tech at both Harbor and Kaiser.
She always gives you what you need and not what you ask for!
Lily is our CT surgery specialty nurse. She is able to interrpret the Lebonese mumble from
our CT surgeon, and always has food and a hug just when you need it
whether you are on her service or not!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy Father's Day! I truly have the best father in the world! You will never meet anyone more generous and giving than my dad. He always puts his wants and desires last while giving to all those around, friends, neighbors, anyone in need. Todd and I only hope that we can take that example and put it into action in our own lives. He is always supporting all of us children in anything we choose to pursue. Todd and I treasure being able to discuss things that happen during our days and know that he will find the same humor or empathize when we need a listening ear! He has the best sense of humor and quick wit, something that everyone I know enjoys and admire! He is so smart and knowledgeable about so many different subjects, especially the gospel. Several ward members attend only his Sunday School class each week. My memories of traveling with Dad as we would watch Todd run are priceless and something that I absolutely treasure! Thank you for your example and love! Wish that we were there to spend the day with you!

Although I don't have a picure handy as I am blogging from work, I do also want to wish my Father-in-Law Carl a Happy Father's Day as well! I am grateful for the example he always sets for his family and the wonderful son that he has raised!

Monday, June 9, 2008

San Diego...

We have just returned from a fabulous week in San Diego! We absolutely loved every minute of fun and relaxation! Thanks Dad and Mom for making the week possible! Thanks to all of my siblings for using their vacation time to be together and for arranging their schedules around us!
Everyone but Johnny arrived on Saturday. We enjoyed a great meal at C&O Trattoria on the water in Venice Beach! The restaurant has to-die-for garlic balls that are served continuously! Although we ate too early to participate that night, at sunset the waiters and guests all sing "Thats Amore". Although it may sound corny, it is acutally the highlight of your trip there

On Sunday morning, dad accompanied me on my rounds so that he could check out my hospital. We then ate a nice breatkfast and took our time making our way down to San Diego. When we arrived at the house, we had a great time exploring and just hanging out for the evening. Pool and hot tub, fruit trees, tennis court and guest house...can you say "Heaven on Earth!!!"

We spent Monday at Sea World. It was fun to see Shamu and the dolphins. Todd and I were misled by Laurel, Jocelyn, Brady and Greg that sitting in the front of the Atlantis roller coaster was the place to be, however the result was both of us getting soaked from head to toe. Oh well, only the beginning of an evening spent in water as we swam the rest of the night. Thanks to Emily and Laurel who figured out how to "manipulate" the pool heater...the pool water was a warm 99 degrees the entire week and the hot tub 104 degrees....great for those cool San Diego evenings!

Colton and Cannon weren't the only ones needing a piggy-back ride during the day!

Here we are after our roller coaster water ride in the "dry" seats....
Tuesday morning we awoke early and arrived at the beautiful San Diego Temple along with all of the area missionaries. We had the opportunity to perform sealings as a was sure fun to see mom and dad acting as the children being sealed to their parents, Emily and Greg. We then had a great lunch at Cheesecake Factory before heading to the Wild Animal Park. We unfortunately had the impression that you drove in your own cars through the park, so I work my cool cotton dress and 4" heels that I had worn that morning to the temple....BIG MISTAKE!!! You walk yourself through the entire park. Thankfully, I was able to buy a pair of flip-flops at the gift shop at the park entrance and made it comfortably through!

Todd being very brave, getting up close and personal with a lion cub.

Todd and Crew enjoying the park....the baby looks good on him don't you think?

Here we are enjoying the 45 minute tram ride that takes you through the wild animals....why can't this thing just take you through the entire park!?!?!

Cannon was nice enough to share his ride when my tootsies needed a little rest.
We had planned a pool day on Wednesday, however awoke to a cold, cloudy day. We all bundled up and headed to the San Diego Zoo. We then had a nice dinner at Outback and spent the evening playing cards.

Everyone enjoying the double-decker bus that takes you through a good portion of the park.

This is a beautiful area with over 50 species of rare birds.

The giraffes and zebras were my favorite animals...they have the most fashionable coats of course!

This is one of 5 giraffes at the San Diego Zoo, which happens to be a 6 month old baby!

Thursday was pool relaxing! Cards, swimming, tennis for the boys, good food, fantastic company....what more can you ask for! Even Daddy joined in the card playing and beat the pants off of all of us! Who knew he was such a card shark! The boys never failed to entertain us with the constant tennis match that ensued the entire week! Todd became the one to beat and we all vied to be his partner for doubles! We then ventured in to Old Towne for an awesome mexican dinner! We were serenaded with "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" which as you can imagine the kids adored! Of course, the highlight of the evening was Johnny arriving!

Even our best and repeated sunscreen application didn't prevent the "red nose" that I am sporting...

Here our deligthful singers entertaining the table next to us.

Such a good picture of Dad and Mom it just had to be shared....

Friday morning was again spent playing cards and swimming...and of course the boys trying to outdo each other on the tennis court! We then had a great dinner at PF Changs before heading to the San Diego Padres game. We had the best seats just a few rows up from the right field! Before the game started, Greg and the boys put on the charm to sweeten up the ball girl sitting on the field, trying to get in good for any possible foul balls. There were plenty of foul balls hit our way, and Cannon did walk away with one of them! He was absolutely thrilled!

Here is a view of the field from our fantastic seats!

Crew-baby and I enjoying the game together!

David Wright up to bat...

Johan Santana pitching for the Mets...currently toted as the best pitcher in the Major League, he just signed a $128 million contract for 5 years....oh to be able to throw a ball accurately at 100 miles per hour!

Saturday was yet another morning of cards for the girls and tennis for the boys! We had one last lunch with everyone together before taking Greg, Emily and the boys to the airport. The rest of us then saw "Iron Man" and spent a little time shopping at a great mall! I could have spent the entire week seaching that mall...Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Tiffany just to name a few....Of course, we had to get in one more late night swim before the vacation ended!

Laurel is always so willing to share Brady with Johnny when they are together!

The hungry gang awaiting our food!

You can't help but smile when Johnny is around!

Award for best traveler goes to Crew. He was an absolute angel the entire trip, as were Colton and Cannon!

Me and Mommy....

Me and C-Dog...

Sunday was rise and shine, packing up and heading back to LA in order to get everyone to the airport for their flights at 2:00.

We were really sad for the week to end, but are so grateful for the time that we were able to spend together! I can't think of a better way to pass the time than with my husband and family! Thanks for the great week of memories!