Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kauai 2010....CONTINUED

Day 6

Thursday morning was spent snorkeling
at Tunnels Beach.
We all had a great time admiring the
beautiful coral and fish.

That afternoon, we went on a catamaran boat cruise
of the norther part of the island.

Jocey is all ready to see the fishies!!!

Paisely not convinced she likes the sand and water...

Larry, our boat guide....

Grammy catching some zzz.... along with the waves!

After we got dropped at shore, we had to wait in the pitch black
for the cars to come and get was it dark!
Good think we had each other as we were left there
waiting for over 30 minutes!

Kauai 2010....CONTINUED

Day 5

We spent Wednesday on a zipline through the treetops of Kauai.
We had an absolute blast!!!
Although it was quite scary taking that first step off the platform,
we all really enjoyed ourselves.
Thanks to Mommy and Grammy Char for staying home and watching the kids.

After the morning of zipping, we all met for pizza
in town and then couldn't resist another stop
for the delicious Hawaiian Blizzard Shaved Ice!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Kauai 2010....CONTINUED

Days 3 and 4

Monday was spent traveling around
the island sight-seeing.
We went to several rivers and waterfalls....
the scenery on this island is amazing!

Cannon is Todd's buddy...
Cannon was so excited when he saw
they were wearing the same shirt!

Oh how I love this lady!!!

Daddy and Creed hanging out while the rest of us hiked.

Oh how I love this little lady...
Couldn't ask for a better Grammy than this!!!

Beautiful waterfall that we were able to hike to the top of...

Us from the top of the waterfall in the picture above...

Colton was a trooper and hiked down a
steep and scary hill to get to the waterfall!
What was even more frightening was watching
Brittney hike and slide her way down the hill!

A little glimpse of the hill...

Todd borrowing little Creed's hat after a long day in the sun!

After the waterfalls, we stopped to see an old lighthouse.

After hiking and sight-seeing the day before,
Tuesday we headed back to the beach.
Johnny and Brady surfed, the rest of us boogie-boarded.
We all enjoyed the beach, water and sun.

Paisley enjoyed a snack of goldfish crackers dipped in sand...yummy!

This looks like it belongs in a magazine...gorgeous!

The boys had a blast playing on the beach...

Dad just "hanging loose" and watching us fools battle the waves!

Grammy trying to stay out of the blazing rays of the sun!

Brady taking a break from surfing...

Love this picture of Laurel...
is she naked behind that board...
I'll never tell!!!

What a way to spend the day!!!