Sunday, February 14, 2010

Much Needed Rest and Relaxation in Utah

I was able to spend a week in Utah during the month of January. Time with family, playing cards, getting my hair was just what this tired girl was in desperate need of!

I flew in late on a Sunday evening after having completed yet another dreaded trauma call.
Monday was spent playing cards with Grammy and Mindy. I was then able to meet Carl at Weber State and use his educational discount to buy a new laptop as our computer literally blew up right as I was leaving LA. I have since been heaven with my new happy to be able to iChat with the rest of the family now!

Tuesday morning was spent in Park City having breakfast and shopping with one of my dearest friends whom I met in medical grateful I am for Alissa's friendship! I was then able to spend the afternoon getting beautified as mom and I both had our hair done...oh how there are few things better!

Wednesday morning Mommy, Grammy and I hit the road to travel to Idaho to spend some time with Jocelyn and Emily. We met Jocey on the BYU-I campus and had a nice lunch with her...although she may say she was tortured as Grammy and I tried to hit on every college-age guy for her! We also visited the Rexburg Temple. It was then off the Emily's house and some priceless time with my precious nephews!

Jocey and I at the Rexburg Temple...

Me, Jocey, and Grammy at the Temple...

I couldn't get enough of the little man...

Crew was able to amuse himself by walking around in my high-heels!
I adore this little boy!

Little Crew is just too cute for words...he really wanted to go to school with Cannon.
He put on Cannon's old cleats without socks, got his coat and backpack and went out to wait for the adorable! When he couldn't go to school, he decided to entertain himself by shoveling the snow.

On Friday, Mommy and I were able to meet Grammy, Devin and little Ashlynn for lunch. We then met Daddy that evening for dinner and I was able to spend a fabulous night with my parents!

Mom couldn't resist documenting the garbage can run with me in my dress pants and high heels...don't know how they do this every week!

I flew home on Saturday morning and spent some much needed time with my sweet hubby!

The week went by all too quickly...oh how I love every minute that I am able to spend back home in Utah.

Monday, February 1, 2010

24 hours of Christmas in Utah...

Todd and I were fortunate enough to be able to travel to Utah for a mere 24 hours to celebrate a belated Christmas with our families! Although the visit was short, I have come to realize how priceless that time spent with family is...although, Todd may argue that the inflated cost of our airline tickets did not equate to "priceless" memories! After spending Christmas day on trauma call, I arrived home without having slept in 34 hours only to quickly throw a travel bag together, shower and make our way to the airport. I easily slept the entire flight to Utah. Todd and I were met by Dad and we were able to join the Wolthuis-Herbert Christmas Eve party which had been delayed until December 26th so that we could be there. Good food, fabulous company, the "Must Be Santa...aka Snotty Nose" song and the left-right game filled the evening. Here are a few pictures of the much fought-after prizes up for grabs during the game...

Grammy Char with her reindeer antlers

Aunt Emily with her personally autographed picture of Dylan...this was greatly fought over and Jocelyn was the ultimate winner. The picture now sits in her room at BYU-I.

Daddy with his ornament full of live worms...nobody fought for this one!

Johnny channeling his inner-Donny!
Mommy ended up stealing this winner of a gift!

The big kids growing anxious for their turn for presents....

Cannon stole the antlers from Grandma-Grandma...

Todd couldn't resist borrowing Cannon's antlers for a quick photo-op!

Much of our time in Utah was spent enjoying our precious niece and nephews that we see all too infrequently...Thanks Emily and Laurel for letting us borrow your children!
Oh how I love and adore all of these sweet babies!!!
I just can't get enough of them!

Todd and Cannon enjoying a little Sunday football...

Sunday was spent enjoying more time with the Wolthuis family, being inspired by Dad's Sunday School lesson, a quick visit with the Grunander's who unfortunately weren't feeling well but luckily Todd had spent the weekend before Christmas with his family while in town to interview for a fellowship spot at the University of Utah, and then it was time to head back to California for another day of trauma call.

Oh how much we love our families...the holidays just aren't the same unless they are spent at home. Only one more Christmas and we are home for good....HOORAY!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy...Better Late than Never!

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful father! He is the most loving, generous, smart, dedicated, witty, funny dad. How blessed we are as a family to have him. He is the hardest worker and never thinks of himself, always giving everything possible to those around him. He never fails to be able to make everyone in the room smile and laugh because of his quick wit. I treasure so much being able to talk with him about medicine and know he will always understand my fulfillment and frustration. He is continually sacrificing for his family, including allowing Mom to travel to visit all of us while he works. However much he will miss her while she is gone is secondary to what he feels his children need from our Mother's visit. I treasure the time that he is able to spend with us in California! I am so blessed to have a father who honors his priesthood and observe him use it in our home many times while growing up and still today. He was my constant traveling companion to watch Todd run for Weber State which we both truly enjoyed...especially Todd since he was easier on him after a tough race than I was! I know Todd considers him a second father as well as a dear friend...and I couldn't ask for anything better! Thank you Dad for being you....WE LOVE YOU!