Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Mom and me when I was three days old.
Mom and me on my 30th birthday

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful mother in the entire world! She is so wonderful...the most beautiful, sweet, thoughtful, loving, kind, righteous woman whom I absolutely adore! I wish that I was there to spend the day with you, but am counting down when you will be here in 4 days and we can have a belated celebration! I hope that your day is fantastic because you only deserve the very best! I LOVE YOU!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Brady!

Happy Birthday to our brother-in-law Brady! We absolutley love having Brady as part of our family! He never misses an opportuniy to make everyone laugh and is always pleasant! He is a fantastic husband to Laurel and great friend to the rest of us! Plus...us doctor-types have to stick together! Have a wonderful birthday!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to the two most wonderful women....my mom and my grandma!

I am so very blessed to have the influence in my life and aspire to be even half of the person that they both are!

My Mom truly is a shining example of love and kindness to all those around her! She neven utters an unkind word about anyone! Her support is endless! She has always made me believe that I can do anything I set my mind to and never let me give up! She is the first person I call with good or bad news and know that she is always there to listen! Regardless of how busy she is or what she is doing, she always makes time for you! Even Todd spends his time driving home from work many days talking with her! She makes everyone around her feel loved and important! She spends her life thinking of ways to serve others, always putting herself last on the list of needs to be met. She is absolutely adored by all who know her! She is truly the best wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend and I am truly blessed to be her daughter!

My Grandma never fails to put a smile on my face! I love the times that I am sitting on the 405 (also known as the world's largest parking lot) and talking about my week with Grammy. She always keeps my updated with what is going on with everyone in the family. She never misses an event that Todd or I are participating in! She is our constant roommate on family vacations and she and Todd never cease to gang up on me regarding the room temperature! She is the original "Card Shark" that we all aspire to beat! She is my favorite traveling companion and I will forever remember fondly our trip to Beverly Hills while I was interviewing for residency as we drove around in our little red Mustang and shopped at the Beverly Center. She is a friend to all, as you can't go anywhere with her without running into six people who love her just as much as her family does!

Happy Mothers Day! Wish I was there to celebrate with you...am counting the days to May 31!

I Just Might Have Kobe's Baby Someday...

My patients never cease to provide me with a chuckle. Here is the latest of funny stories....
I was rounding on my 85 year old lady yesterday morning who I had operated on about 10 ago and who had been very sick. She had been in the ICU and gotten very confused and delerious, however that was now all resolved and she was close to going home. It was about 5:45Am yesterday morning when I went into her room to examine her.

Patient: "Turn on the Laker Game. I think it is just about to start."
Megan: "The game doesn't start until this evening, it is still morning. Are you a Lake fan?"
Patient: "Oh yes, I love the Lakers. I never miss a game."
Megan: "Who is your favorite player on the team?"
Patient: "Oh I love Kobe, he is definitely my favorite. I just might have his baby someday."

Well, I guess if an 85 year old lady can still aspire to having babies there is still hope for me and Todd...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Laurel Ann!

Happy Birthday Laurel! She is a fantastic sister and I am so blessed to have her love and influence in my life! I know that Todd and I both have a special bond and super memories of time spent with Laurel! Laurel was my fearless companion on numerous track trips while Todd was running for Weber State. I was working for Delta Airlines at that time and she and I took numerous trips to California and Oregon together to cheer him on! She always had the energy for a quick trip to the mall for a shopping spree in between races! She was affectionately referred to as "Todd's Second Wife" by all of his teammates! As for Todd, Laurel has spent lots of hours watching movies, talking and touring San Francisco. While I was in Ghana for a month during medical school, sweet Laurel came to Salt Lake to keep Todd company for a week and I know they had a great time. Laurel also came to San Francisco for a visit and while I was working they spent the days exploring the city!

Laurel's support is endless. She is always the first to offer help regardless of what is needed. She has the most tender of hearts and shows all those around her unconditional love. She is truly a righteous example. I have always admired how Laurel does what she knows is right regardless of what those around her are doing or what people might think! She is so super smart and talented! She has accomplished more in her short 22 years than most people I know! I absolutely adore her!!!
(P.S....thanks Emily for the picture...I am doing this while in-between surgeries...)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Butter Me Up...

I started my morning rounding on a 64 year old man who I operated on a day ago. He has tubes coming out of nearly every orifice and extremity and let me know how miserable he felt with them. He then proceeded to tell me how young I looked and that last he knew 18 year old girls were not allowed to be doctors..."Does your mother know where you are and what you are examining on me this early in the morning???"
Then came the begging to remove the tube from his nose...
--Megan: "No, sir, I am sorry but I can't do that. You will get sicker if we take it out too soon."
--Patient: "Ok then, how about the foley catheter...can you at least take that out?"
--Megan: "Well, we would like to leave it for another day or so, but sure if it will make you feel better we can take that out for you..."

I guess it is true...flattery will get you everywhere...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

You Have Been Tagged...

What are your names? Todd Ryan Grunander and Megan Wolthuis Grunander

How long have you been together? married for almost 9 years, however we have known each other since 7th grade...

How long did you date? We went on our first "official" date to the Valentine's Day Dance in February 1994...about 2 weeks before Todd turned 16 (ohhhh!). We dated on and off for about 6 years before getting married.

How old are you? The BIG 30!

Who eats more? Todd for sure!! However, I sure can give him a good run for his money after a long day in the operating room missing both breakfast and lunch!

Who said I love you first? He did.

Who is taller? He is

Who is smarter? My husband, the "Boy Genius" as he humbly refers to himself! However, I would say we are both pretty darn smart and in a few different areas.

Who does the laundry? We both take our fair share, however lately he has been doing much more than me! Thanks babe!

Who does the dishes? We have the rule that whoever cooks doesn't do the dishes, but we sure don't cook very much...most nights we throw our own fast food wrappers away.

Who pays the bills? I do. Todd always keeps a handle on the money coming in and going out but I write 99% of the checks. I guess that is only fitting since I spend 99% of the money. Again, THANKS BABE!

Who mows the lawn? Lawn, what's a lawn...I have almost forgotten after almost 9 straight years of apartment living. When we do have a lawn, it will be Todd until we hire a lawn service. I don't do lawns...it ruins a perfectly good pedicure!

Who cooks dinner? We both take our turn cooking, however if a real meal is cooked then it is me cooking it! I am also the designated "fast food getter" as I am usually the one coming home later.

Who drives when you are together? We both take our turn, but it usually depends on who is the most tired or how fast we need to get there...I drive faster and a little more aggressively than my husband does!

Who is more stubborn? This would be a toss-up!!! I have to give him props though because he is almost always the first to say "I'm sorry"

Who kissed who first? Todd kissed me by the tennis courts after the Halloween Stomp of our sophmore year at Weber High...months before our "official" first date.

Who asked who out first? I technically asked him out first as the Valentine's Dance was girl's choice.

Who proposed? He did while on his mission vacation a few days before Christmas...

Who has more siblings? I do. I have 3 sisters & 1 brother; He has one brother & one sister.

Who wears the pants in the family? Of course, I do, but he will often mistakenly think he does. It's better this way because a good marriage should be 50 / 50 anyway, right!?!?!
I now tag Emily, John and Brittney, my Mom and Alissa

Modest Fashion 2008

I had the great priviledge of attending The Modest Fashion Show 2008 today. Some great girls in our stake that work in the fashion industry went to an incredible amount of work to put together an outdoor runway show today near the Los Angeles Temple. All of the models were from the Ford Modeling Agency. I went with 5 girls from my ward and had an awesome time. We went extra early so that we could be some of the first 100 peope in order to get a "swag bag". My bag contained a Layers dress and cami, Stila lip gloss, hair accesories, and Eliza magazine. The show focused on being FASHIONABLE AND MODEST! They had numerous stores and designers donate their clothing and the show was definitely a hit! It gave me some great ideas on how to make something modest that maybe at its base is not. The 2 underlying must-haves of every outfit....layering and accesories!

Check out the web page at www.mofash.org

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission...

Todd and I have had the blessing of having the sister missionaries as frequent dinner guests in our home since moving to Los Angeles. On average, we feed them about 2 times a month. Well, this past week a free meal for them turned into a missionary outing for Todd and me. Last Saturday, we ventured to a less than desirable neighborhood in Los Angeles to meet the sisters for a teaching appointment with a member sister and her non-member husband. We parked on the street and found our way past the man smoking, drinking a beer and somehow finding a free hand to work on his car as well as a group of Mexicans listening to loud music in their yard. We were able to make our way to the apartment of the couple but not before knocking on the wrong door first. We entered into a very small and very over-stuffed apartment where this couple lives. Todd and I shared a chair while a dirty cat kept jumping back and forth over us. We managed to share a lesson about the Book of Mormon prophets and each take a moment to share a small testimony with this man. Dinner was then served, however Todd and I passed as we were on our way to a surprise birthday party for friends that evening.....plus, I just couldn't get over the cat jumping around on EVERYTHING! In the end, I shared with Todd my realization that I absolutely wouldn't have lasted a week as a missionary and how much I greatly admire all of those who serve our Lord! I hope they call me on a mission....OR NOT!
--By the way, these are not the sister missionaries currently serving in our area...