Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ila Jane Grunander

Our dear, sweet Ila Jane Grunander passed away on February 17, 2009. She had not been in the physical health that she desired for the past few years and we all recognized what a struggle that was for her. Despite not feeling well, she always greeted you with a smile and hug. She always was eager to hear about everything going on in our lives. And she never failed to ask how my parents were doing. There is definitely a great loss in the Grunander family, but how grateful we are for the time we had with her and the influence that she had on all of us.

Todd and I were fortunate to be able to leave work on such short notice and travel to Utah to be with his family and attend the viewing and funeral.

Todd and his Grandma

Me, Todd and Jennifer

The Grunander Family

Our precious Grandpa Grunander

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I just finished a much-needed 10-day vacation. I was able to fly to Utah on Friday, 2/6/09 and spend the following week with my fabulous family. My mom and Laurel met me at the airport and I was FINALLY able to introduce myself to Princess Paisley (this is what I have named her). We meet Daddy, Brady and Jocelyn for dinner at Cafe Rio...I have to eat here every time I am in town because I literally crave the pork! The rest of the evening was just spent hanging with the family at home...

Princess Paisley and me catching a little shut-eye that night...

Saturday was dubbed "Daddy Day"...the rule was that we were going to let Daddy plan the day...however, with all us girls you can imagine how some of the day was spent...that's right...SHOPPING! We ate lunch that afternoon and then shopped while waiting to see the movie Taken.

Laurel and the Princess enjoying lunch...

Sunday was such a great day. We were able to go to church and have a fantastic Sunday dinner thanks to Mom and her outstanding cooking. That night we visited with Judy, Bart B., Jared and Ashley and their fun!

Me and the Princess after church...
There was nearly a fight between us and the Primary presidency about who got to hold Paisley during the first hour of church...sadly, we didn't get her until Sunday School.

Monday we drove to Idaho to spend the night with Emily and the boys. We had a blast just visiting and singing to the IPod on the drive up.

Jocelyn always entertaining us!

Mom trying to maintain her sanity while driving through the snow and listen to my music!

The Beauties...

The Princess slept the entire drive...such a darling angel!

Once we got to Idaho Falls, we headed straight to Johnny Carinos for dinner.

Cutey Crew-boy!

Emily, Greg and the Boys...thanks Greg for letting us invade!

We then headed home for a night of "The Bachelor"...Greg came home from playing basketball, saw us all in his bed and made a beeline for his friends house...

The next morning we hung out at the house and played with the boys and then hit a few boutiques before lunch and the drive home.

Cannon demonstrating how he can "fly like Superman"

Never a dull moment with this little guy around!

Two of my very favorite boys!

Wednesday morning was spent playing cards with Grammy Char, Mindy, Lorin (thanks for playing hookie to join us), Aunt Emily, Mommy, with Laurel and Paisley meeting us a few hours in. Devin joined us for a quick lunch. That night my mom and I were able to go to the Laker-Jazz game with my parent's season tickets. As you can imagine, none of the brothers-in-law were very happy to hear that the tickets had been reserved for ME! Mommy and I had an absolute blast! Plus, just being that close to Kyle Korver is is he hot!!! And best of all, the Jazz were victorious! I may live in Los Angeles, but if you are a Jazz fan it is worse than kissing your sista to cheer for the Lakers. Plus, we have a few Clippers players that we have gotten to know who live in our apartment building so we gotta cheer for them...

Brady demonstrating his "football hold" for baby Paisley
Teaching Princess Paisley the wonders of Internet shopping. I have already informed Brady of her very appropriate Princess name addition and that she will be treated as such.

Me and my Mommy...isn't she gorgeous!

D-Will shooting a free throw near the end of the very close game...

Kyle....I Love You!

Kyle....I Love You Even More!


Evidence of a hard-fought win!

Thursday I spent the day getting my hair done (thanks to my wonderful Aunt Emily I am a "true" red-head once again and that nasty blonde that is starting to take over is just a memory). I then was able to spend the evening with my amazing medical school friends Amber and Alissa....oh how I miss not living closer to them!

Friday morning we went to Salt guessed it...a little more shopping. We then enjoyed lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and then off to LA I was headed....however, not back to work. My wonderful, adoring, perfect husband whisked me away to a resort in Newport Beach Harbor for a romantic Valentine's Day celebration. Once getting to the hotel, we couldn't face leaving after enduring the Friday night LA traffic so we had a wonderful dinner of room service in bed while watching the 3-point and Dunk contest as part of the NBA All-Star weekend.

Only in Newport Beach do the parking meters along the side of the road accept credit cards.

Saturday we slept in, ate a wonderful breakfast, and watched movies in bed. We then journeyed out to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and enjoy a walk on the beach at sunset.

Sunday morning again was spent sleeping in, watching movies and eating a great breakfast. Then it was back to reality and back to LA.....

Thank you Babe for letting me go to Utah for a week without you and spend some much-needed time with my mommy and daddy, sisters and of course Princess Paisley. Thank you for being the most wonderful, amazing, loving, adoring husband that you are. I am head-over-heels in love with you and become even more so everyday!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fabulous Friends!

When I reflect upon my time in medical school, it isn't the studying or rotations that come to mind. My first thoughts are always of my precious friends Alissa, Amber and Rebecca (left-->right in the picture above) without whom I would have never survived those difficult yet delightful four years. We all quickly became friends early into our first year. The library to much unhappiness always knew of our presence as we couldn't go more than a few minutes without laughing about something or other. I still remember fondly studying pharmacology during the spring of our first year and the sayings we made up to remember the drug...what it treated...mechanism of action...side effects. A table full of candy and snacks while trying to study 8-10 hours a day for 6 weeks while preparing for Step 1. Learning the ins--and--outs of physical exams while each taking our rightful turn as the patient. And let us not forget to mention...the oh so often and always needed shopping escape!

A few weekends ago my dear friend Amber was able to visit from Utah. Amber is in her last year of OB-Gyn residency and will be starting a laparoscopic gynecology fellowship in Michigan this summer. She is truly my shopping soul-sister! I miss her dearly but treasure the time we do get to spend together when I visit Utah and when she can make an escape to Cali for a shopping excursion.

Amber arrived on Friday afternoon. I was able to share her first Pinkberry experience...glad it lived up to the hype! That night Todd, Amber and I drove to Sherman Oaks (30 minutes north of LA) to have dinner with our good friend Rebecca and her husband Dave. Although Rebecca lives only ~45 minutes away from me, it is all too infrequent that we see each other.

Alissa...we missed you!  Can't wait to see you while I am in Utah soon!

Rebecca, Amber and Me...

Todd and Dave

Saturday morning Amber and I were up early and on our way to Orange County to go shopping at the mecca they call South Coast Plaza. Two shopping divas and seven hours of uninterrupted shopping (not a stop was made to eat or use the bathroom) and still about 1/3 of the mall was left unexplored. We then hurried home to relax for a short time and then we were off to Santa Monica with Todd to enjoy dinner at a great Italian restaurant along the ocean front.

Sunday we spent the day talking and reminiscing to the evenings of nicknaming all of the potential wives on "The Bachelor" while watching an episode from this current season. And then all too quickly, it was time for Amber to return to delivering babies and removing those uteruses now misbehaving.

Thanks for taking the time to come visit...can't wait for my visit to Utah soon!