Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Cannon!

Happy Birthday Cannon!

C--charcteristics you can't help but love...miscevious, smart, funny, sweet, athletic, lovable!

A--adorable...who can resist those dimples and that smile!

N--nice to all those around him!

N--naturally athletic and determined!

O--outrageously fantastic big AND little brother!

N--never fails to bring a smile to my face, always greets me with a hug!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fashion - - Challenged...

This picture was taken this past weekend while in Seattle by my mom. After seeing it on her blog, I just had to have it on mine as well. For those of you that know me well, my motto regarding my husband's fashion is..."If you don't look good, I don't look good!!!!" So, to see my darling hubby walk through the hotel and into the pool area in the above attire was mortifying to me. Little did the poor guy know that I had packed him flip-flops, he just didn't see them in his bag. And yes, I packed his bag because he was on call the night before we left. Plus, it leaves me with entire clothing control! So, here's to gym socks and dress shoes coupled with swim shorts...in the words of Project Runway fashion gurus Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn..."That is BUTT UGLY...but Make It Work." Good my sweetie has great legs to distract us all with...check out his calf muscle in that picture...not bad for a 30-year old orthopaedic surgery resident who works 80+ hours a week..Coach Hislop would still be so proud!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seattle--Whirlwind Weekend of Family Fun!

The Wolthuis Family...all 14 of us...plus Grammy Char and Cousin Andrew headed off to Seattle this past weekend for some family bonding over the BYU-University of Washington game. We absolutely had a blast...BYU winning...questionable call or not...definitely didn't hurt either! Everyone flew in sometime on Friday and we then all headed to the Mariner--Yankee baseball game that night. The Mariners won 3-1 which was sad for Colton who has become a huge Yankee fan after watching a movie about Babe Ruth. My husband on the other hand was not disappointed at all...his motto is "We love the Dodgers and who do we hate...the Yankees."

Safeco Field. If you look closely, you can see downtown Seattle
and the Space Needle in the background.

Dad and Todd ready to catch a fly ball.

Me and Grammy...my favorite traveling companion and roommate!

Crew baby...always a treat to travel with!

A-Rod...one of a few strike-outs

Cannon has become a Yankee fan through Colton. Here he is with his "Rally Cap" on.

Yankee fan through and through...however with the Mariners winning, he decided to sport his souvenir T-shirt.

Saturday morning we all awoke early and donned our BYU gear. After a hearty breakfast, we headed to the stadium. The area is beautiful with Lake Washington running beside the Husky Stadium. Too bad I can't say as much for the fans. We heard the "F-word" and were flipped the bird more that day than in our entire lives combined. The sad part was they actually increased the level of their bad behavior once they saw young children. However, I can happily report that everyone within the Wolthuis group, Dad and Johnny included, were extremely well behaved.
The Cougars were victorious 28-27 with what ESPN is debating as a call that never should have occurred in the last 2 seconds of the 4th quarter...

View from our seats...Max Hall awaiting the snap...

The Wolthuis Family after the hard-fought battle and win!

Todd, Cannon and Crew displaying their matching shirts...
The weekend was absolutely fantastic and we loved every minute! Can't wait for Tempe, Arizona next fall!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy 34th Anniversary Dad and Mom!!!

San Diego June 2008
Happy Anniversary! Couldn't let the day pass without letting you know how much I love and adore each of you! Thank you for the wonderful example of a happy marriage and companionship that you have set for all of us. It is a true picture of eternal marriage and we all definitely have something fantastic to strive for! I admire Dad's effort to work so hard to support our family and think it is so cute that he will still give you a phone call at lunch time just to check in. Mom never fails to have a home-cooked dinner on the table, a spotless house, running kids all over town and still have time to impeccably iron clothes for dad to wear to work. Thank you both for all of your love, support and endless generosity! Thank you for the wonderful memories of growing up and that still continue today...amazing holidays, BYU football and basketball games, boating, and especially family vacations! Thank you for always making your home so welcoming...I am know that I am truly home when I walk in your front door! I am blessed with the most fantastic parents and family! I love you both and hope you have some time to spend with each other!