Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful father! He is the most loving, generous, smart, dedicated, witty, funny dad. How blessed we are as a family to have him. He is the hardest worker and never thinks of himself, always giving everything possible to those around him. He never fails to be able to make everyone in the room smile and laugh because of his quick wit. I treasure so much being able to talk with him about medicine and know he will understand my fulfillment and frustration. The memories from our family vacations are priceless...and how grateful I am for his continued generosity to our family in providing for trips together and for visits to California. I am so blessed to have a father who honors his priesthood and observe him use it in our home many times while growing up and still today. He was my constant traveling companion to watch Todd run for Weber State for which we both truly enjoyed...especially Todd since he was easier on him after a tough race than I was! I know Todd considers him a second father as well as a dear friend...and I couldn't ask for anything better! Thank you Dad for being you....WE LOVE YOU!

The look on his face is fantastic...

Countless hours have been spent shopping with 4 daughters...many of which he has financed and never complains about!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


3 days and 2 nights without sleep while trying to keep 1 critically ill patient alive including 3 separate codes during one of which emergently opening the patients abdomen and completely emptying his entire small bowel and part of his colon onto his belly and shocking the Cedars ICU nurses and residents as they had never seen such a thing before and this is the result:

In the "in-famous" words of my sister Emily: Don't hate me because I am beautiful.
Hope you enjoy this glamorous view into the life they call "residency".
And yes, this is how I looked the last 36 of the 60 hours at the hospital.

Saturday, January 3, 2009 both of our HOMES!

Todd and I had a WONDERFUL Christmas! He and I both worked on Christmas Eve day, but were able to spend the evening together. We went out for a quick dinner at CPK and then opened presents with each other. This year, Todd and I have been able to earn extra money working moonlighting shifts, so I was able to spoil my most fantastic husband...something in years past he has given up in order to provide me with fabulous presents!

Our Christmas Tree
He was given clothes (not so exciting for him), a new IPod, and his most prized gift...a Playstation 3!

Showing off his "loot"
Todd never fails to surprise me...I had received a very nice purse for my Birthday/Christmas. However, he let me do some shopping and even went so far as to wrap the things that I had bought for myself. He then hid a small box under the Christmas tree skirt that he gave to me later in the evening...beautiful black pearl earrings that match a necklace he gave me for my 30th birthday! He is the best gift-giver ever...all husbands should be so good!
We then spent the remainder of the evening watching the classic holiday movie...Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!

We both worked Christmas morning and then spent the afternoon listening to Christmas music while preparing a turkey dinner that we were blessed to share with our sweet sister missionaries. They shared a beautiful Christmas message about the Savior and brought an amazing spirit of peace and gratitude into our home. The rest of the evening was crazy...we did laundry and packed to leave for SLC early the next morning. There was much anxiety and stress as we learned at 8PM our time that the SLC airport was closed due to snow and it was unsure as to when it would re-open. Todd and I decided we would get up and go to the airport for our 6AM departure and prayed that the runways would be clear....PRAYERS ANSWERED!

We arrived sleepy but safely to Utah early morning on the 26th. We immediately went to visit with Todd's grandparents and then had a nice dinner and belated "Christmas Day" celebration with Todd's family.

My 4-inch high heels were not what you call "snow-friendly"

Todd with Grandpa and Grandma Grunander

Todd, Jason and Mallory anxious to open their gifts!

Cute picture of Jen, Heidi and Andrew....sorry, couldn't get it to flip the right direction.

Carl and Christine....thanks for a wonderful Christmas.
The evening of the 26th was spent opening gifts with my family. John and Brittney had also flown in that same day and it was so great to have everyone together!!!

What an beautiful!!!

Dad enjoying his new office chair and Colts shirt!

We were definitely spoiled...thank you Mom and Dad!
The 27th was spent with my family. All of the boys spent the morning playing basketball and trying not to kill each other. The rest of the day was spent in a fierce competition of Madden Football on the X-Box. The girls knew the better way to spend the the after-Christmas sales (as if we didn't get enough Christmas presents already).

"Shopped Til We Dropped"

Shoes...always bring a smile to my face!!!

The Wolthuis/Herbert Clans were nice enough to delay the traditional Christmas Eve party until the 27th when we could all be there! Thank you everyone for made Christmas!

Bart and Jared in the Grandad Bart Memorial Jumpsuit...belt not included!

Devin, Eileen, Gwen and Emily singing "Must Be Santa....Snotty Nose"

Cannon, Emily, John, Brittney and Elle with their presents for the Left-Right game...

Lorin with his present...a size 12 shoe...only 2 sizes too big. Too bad Devin stole it from you.

Todd couldn't have been happier than with his present...$5.

Emily showing off the gift she brought...a sleeve tattoo...

which Brady ended up with...and wore to church the next day!

As if the sleeve tattoo wasn't popular...the most prized gift of the evening was

Hannah-Montana wig...

What I would look like as a blonde...I finally fit in to the family!


You can't help but adore this precious woman!
Sunday couldn't have been better...sleep in, great breakfast, attending church, Sunday dinner, and visiting with both families.
Monday we went down to SLC to eat dinner and walk through Temple Square...oh how I miss living on first avenue and being able to see the Capital Building and Temple Square from our balcony! The weather was perfect, the lights were amazing, the company the best!

Jocelyn is always gorgeous...Cannon refusing to smile...oh how I love that guy!

Brady enjoying his gift to Laurel...the IPod touch.

Me and my FAVORITE brother!

Emily and Colton...oh how I love that guy!

The True Meaning of Christmas!
Of course we couldn't leave Utah without a day of cards/games and Cafe Rio, which is how we spent Tuesday before heading to the airport to return to LA.
Thank You to both families for making our visit so wonderful!! We are so blessed to have your love and support!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!