Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wolthuis Family Fun...Kauai Style 2010

How lucky are we...the entire Wolthuis Clan, including Grammy Char but minus little Crew, were able to spend the first week of June living it up in Kauai! We traveled from LA, SLC, Portland and Boise to enjoy a week in paradise! We had an absolutely fabulous time...thank you Dad and Mom for all you did to make this week possible!


After an early morning that started with rounding at 3:00AM, Todd and I along with Dad, Mom, Laurel, Brady, Princess P and Jocelyn all headed to the airport for an early flight. We all arrived first and took advantage of the time to get 2 of the 3 rental cars and head to Costco for a food run. One by one the others arrived and the vacation truly began.

We spent the first day just getting settled in and enjoying the pool at the resort.
The second day was spend lounging at the beach and relaxing...just what the "doctor" ordered!

16 people = lots and lots of luggage!
Here we are waiting for the mini vans...

Todd wearing all of the leis awaiting us at our condo.

Todd presenting Johnny with his lei...
including the double-check kiss!
By the look on John's face, I think he is rather enjoying it!

Hanging out at the pool...

These boys were the best travel companions...
plus not to mention, they never failed to entertain us!
We sure loved our time with the DeVries boys!

The gorgeous beach of Kauai!

The Albinos of the group...we love our sunscreen!

The white girls sandwiching the one that tans...
we have to pose the she truly our sister???

After a great day at the beach, enjoying a BBQ by the pool.
We sure loved having little Creed with us...
Todd getting to practice up his baby skills!

Harbor-UCLA Graduation Dinner 2010

The Annual Harbor-UCLA Graduation dinner was held a few weekends ago. It is always so nice to be able to sit and talk with people from work outside of the hospital. I really feel so blessed to work with such wonderful people...after all, I do spend more time with these folks than I do my own hubby!

Todd and I at the dinner

Anisa Buck...she will be my junior resident for 20 weeks this next year!

Some of the girls of Harbor General Surgery!

Dr. Belzberg (attending at Kaiser) and Armen (my co-resident)
I have learned more from my time with Dr. Belzberg than almost any other person!!!
After I would spend a day operating with Dr. Belzberg, I would come home to tell Todd how much I am in love with him...he is the best!

The Harbor-UCLA General Surgery Chief Residents 2010-2011 last white coat of residency!
The end is near!


Dad and Mom's most recent visit to LA

Zipline in Kauai

Weekend trip home for the NCAA Basketball Game

Happy Father's Day Dad! I truly have the most wonderful and fabulous father in the world!!! He is so kind, thoughtful, adventurous, funny, witty, generous and giving. I have always admired how generous Dad is to not only his own family but also those he knows and may not know. I pray that I may be able to help those around me in the ways that he has! He sacrifices so much and works so very hard to provide for our family! Thank you for providing for our most recent vacation to Hawaii...oh that time and those memories are priceless! Thank you for your testimony and true love of the gospel and the way you honor your priesthood and have always blessed our home! You are always able to bring a smile to my face with your quick wit and humor! I appreciate more than you know your sympathy and understanding when I am frustrated with medicine! I love and appreciate you more than words can express! Thank you for being the best father ever!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

How Do You Measure A Year

525,600 minutes
8448 hours
325 days
52 weeks
1 year

Yes folks, its true.
One year of residency left.
What is that I see???
I believe they refer to it as a light at the end of the tunnel.
The tunnel of torture, misery, hell they politely refer to as a surgical residency!