Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Our Engagement

Our Wedding August 20, 1999

On the Disney Cruise with the Wolthuis Family May 2007
Todd and I met at the age of 12 in the 7th grade. I never could have imagined then what joy and happiness that Todd would ultimately bring into my life. In our 9 years of marriage, we have lived in 4 cities and endured 3 moves, survived obtaining undergraduate degrees during which Todd was a busy WSU track star and I strived for title of "Best Track Wife" missing only 4 meets in 4 years and logging countless miles in cars and on planes, then on to 4 years of medical school and now both being half-way through surgical residencies and working on average 100 hours a week (each, not combined). Todd tolerates more than any man I know would or should. He cooks, cleans, does laundry and grocery shopping. He lived in a ghetto studio hotel room in SLC while he finished medical school and I started residency living in a fantastic apartment overlooking the Bay Bridge in SF. He brings not only me, but my entire on-call team, dinner at the hospital. He carries me to bed when I am absolutely too utterly exhausted to walk the short distance from the couch to bedroom, never forgetting to get my alarm set for the next morning. He allows me to stay in bed and answer intern and resident endless pages and phone calls all through the night even though he may be on call the next day. He is loving, kind, thoughtful, supportive, a worth priesthood holder and exercises that power within our home, and never fails to bring a smile to my face even when all I want to do is cry. How blessed I am to be his wife. If asked to make a list of the qualities I hoped and looked for in a husband, my best list would have fallen very short of the man that Todd is. I love and adore him more than I ever imagined possible! Thanks babe for the best 9 years...can't wait for the next 9 and many more to come!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Quick Trip to Utah...

I was able to take a quick trip to Utah this weekend to attend my dear friend Alissa's baby shower. Alissa and I became friends soon after starting medical school and I feel so blessed to have her friendship! Here is a brief recap of the visit...

I rushed from a meeting at Cedars in Beverly Hills to get to the airport, leaving the hospital only an hour and a half before my flight was scheduled to leave. I was able to get my bag checked and through security arriving at the gate as they were boarding the flight...not a minute to spare. As I got seated, I realized that Danny Glover from "Lethal Weapon" fame was sitting right in front of me. As the doors were closely, the flight attendant asked him to take his bluetooth out of his ear as he was sitting in an exit row and needed to be instructed of what to do in case of emergency. Well, he was angered by the request and quickly started arguing with the flight attendant. She then proceeded to walk to the front of the plane and notify the captain, which scared him into submission. Thankfully, the remainder of the flight was uneventful.

Mom, Emily and Crew picked me up at the airport and we then met Dad, Laurel and Brady, Jocelyn and Cameron, Colton and Cannon for dinner at Cafe Rio. No visit to Utah is complete without pork burritos. We then went to Babies R Us to all express our opinion on which crib Laurel should get. As Crew got restless with shopping, Brady took him to the car to play. As we walked out, Crew is rocking back and forth standing at the wheel as he had quickly discovered that banging the steering wheel with his belly would employ the horn.

Saturday morning I was able to attend the Hooper Tomato Days Rodeo Queen Contest in which MaKenzie was competing. She is absolutely beautiful and so poised. It was fun to cheer her on and I am excited to report that she not only won queen, but also scored the highest in every category.

I traveled to Salt Lake Saturday afternoon for the baby shower. It was so great to spend time with Alissa and Amber, my other BFF from medical school. They are absolutely the best and I can't wait to be back in Utah and living closer to both of them...they are definitely my soul-sisters and I can't imagine having survived medical school without either of them!

The proud momma-to-be.

Amber, OB-Gyn resident at the U of U.
Alissa, just completed her pediatric residency at Primary Childrens.
I will definitely in good hands for health care when I move back!
Sunday I was able to attend church and hear my Dad's never failing Gospel Doctrine lesson. Mom of course made a fantastic Sunday dinner and then I was off to LA. It was a great weekend and I am so lucky to be able to be close enough to fly home for these quick but much needed and so very priceless visits!
The Wolthuis Family will be meeting in Seattle in 3 weeks for a baseball and football game...will be counting the days until then!!!