Thursday, April 30, 2009

MS Walk 2009

I had the great opportunity of being able to participate in the
MS Walk 2009!

This the Wall Of Champions....names of those suffering from MS are placed on the wall!

I was able to walk with my good friend Kristy! The weather was beautiful...we could not have asked for better! It was so wonderful to walk with ~4000 other people in honor of those with MS. As always, some people were pushed in wheelchairs by their family and friends and I realize how grateful I am that Mom has not been afflicted in such a way!

At the start of the walk...

Along the way...
Thanks to all of you who donated to our team...I really appreciate your support! are the best!

Mamma Mia! and Easter in Utah

A few weeks ago my fabulous husband came home from work one evening and surprised me with tickets to Mamma Mia for the following week. We had such a wonderful time...dinner at Maggiano's (yummy Italian) and then off to the theater! The cast and music were so fun!!! Thanks babe for a great night!

Outside of the theater

From our seats...just off center and only six rows back from the stage...AWESOME!
The day after Mamma Mia I headed to Utah for the Easter weekend. Daddy, Mom, Laurel, Jocelyn and Princess "P" greeted me at the airport. We then met Brady for dinner. Mom and I were able to spend some time shopping at Gateway much to Daddy's delight while awaiting John and Brittney's flight to arrive from Portland.
Unfortunately, Todd was not able to fly out until the next morning and came straight from the airport after a 6:00 AM flight to family pictures...such a sweetie! We spent the morning at the Union Station having our family pictures...hope they turn out, still waiting to see the results!

See, family pictures can be fun!
We then all went out to lunch at Good Wood BBQ and had our annual Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma Chars...with a few weather modifications!

Dylan accepting money to drink a cup of soda that had been made by combining whatever soda was left in everyone's glasses...GROSS! But, he did earn ~$10 for it...and we all thoroughly enjoyed watching him do it!

Dad, Mom and Jocey enjoying the party!

Such a sweet picture...Colton and Cannon thanking Grammy for their Easter Egg prize money!

Crew-ee enjoying his Cream Soda...such a cutie!!!
Easter could not have been more special than it was this year. I am so grateful that we were all able to be in Utah for Paisley Jane's blessing. There is nothing I love more than being able to spend time with my family...not even shopping! How blessed I am...I hope you all know how much I love and adore you!

Princess "P"...what an absolute angel!

I think the look on her face is priceless...and very reminiscent of one her father would pull when annoyed at having to have his picture taken!

Can not wait until we have a picture like this with our own baby!!!
In the meantime, thanks for sharing Paisley with us!!!

A New Car Celebrated at The Melting Pot

It has been quite a while since I had the time to upload pictures and post about what has been happening in our lives, so get ready cuz here I go...

As you all know, Todd was in a horrible car accident on the 405 freeway about a month ago. The insurance company was quick to total his car shock there. However, to our surprise, once the insurance company determines that your car is past the point of repair you have 5, yes FIVE days to have a new car in your possession or any days past that you are responsible for the cost of your rental car. So, Todd and I were miraculously off on the same Saturday with 2 days left of our 5 day deadline...and off we were on the mission to purchase a new vehicle. Prior to leaving the house, countless hours were spent searching the internet. However, Todd and I had VERY different ideas about what kind of car he should purchase....but hey, are any of you surprised by that??? Much to our arguments, one car dealership with one test drive, and two relatively painless hours of paperwork and phone calls to the credit union in Utah and we found ourselves the proud owners of a new vehicle! As we then found ourselves with hours to waste away on a Saturday none the less, we headed off to celebrate with dinner at The Melting Pot....FABULOUS!!!

In the meantime...I have been in 2...yes TWO...small fender-benders within my parking garage within the last month! With the first accident, both of us were at fault (at least I think so), but Todd and I were forced to pay for the other car to be repaired..thankfully no damage to my car. The other occurred as I was pulling out of our parking garage and on to the street that runs in front of our apartment building where a tiny 1986 Toyota Terrcel was blocked from my view by a large Tahoe and I unfortunately hit the car....this time, insurance was involved as both cars were in need of repair. I must admit I have the most wonderful, understanding husband of all time!!! He was never upset with me either time and was only concerned that I was not injured. He did however, ask that I slow down and try to drive more got it babe!!!

It is official that Todd and I have become "BAD LA Drivers". We can only hope that there are no more car accidents in our future as we have had enough the past month to last us a long time!

Stay Tuned...more posts to come very shortly...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beck and Jer

Please take note of the new button on my sidebar. As you ask yourself, "Who are Beck and Jer?"...let me share with you a little bit about them.

Jeremy was in my medical school class and is absolutely one of the most wonderful and kind people that I have ever been privileged to know. He and his family has faced some very difficult challenges over the past few years and yet have conquered them with nothing but a smile on their face. Now, he and his wife are trying to adopt a baby and add to their family...the have one son.

His sister-in-law is CJane, whom I know many of you follow and she has also blogged about them in which I agree with everything she has to say about them.

So, check out their never know how you may be able to help their cause...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

MS Walk 2009

In one week, I will be participating in the Walk MS 2009 in Irvine, CA.

I walk in honor of my mother. Check out my team webpage....For My Momma!