Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vacation in Utah...

Todd and I were able to spend a fabulous week in Utah the first week of June...sad that it has taken me this long to put together a post.
Todd had gone to Utah a few days before me as his vacation started earlier. I was able to fly into Utah early Monday morning and headed straight for lunch with many of my mom's side of the family. Great company and good food...can't ask for a better way to start vacation!

Tuesday was spent enjoying the great outdoors of Willard Bay!

Brady showing off his wakeboarding skills...

Teaching Cannon wakeboarding...

Todd slalom skiing...yummy!

Wednesday was spend with more family and friends....lunch with Judy, Nicole, Mom and the sisters at Pelotons. We then went to dinner at Sonora Grill and bowling at Fat Cats with the Grunanders!

Dinner at Sonora good!!!

Jennifer and Christine

Thursday morning I was able to meet with Trauma/SICU/General Surgery group at IMC to discuss future job opportunities. I then met Mom, Grammy and the sisters for lunch at La Ferovia. That afternoon I was able to meet with a general surgery group at McKay-Dee to also discuss future job opportunities while Todd met with an orthopedic group who is actively pursuing him to join their practice when he is done. Then, off for more fun at Willard Bay followed by pizza and cards with Grammy Char...what a fantastic way to spend the day!

Cannon was able to have fun in and out of the water!

Whose legs are more pasty white...mine or Jocey's???
Sadly, I think my leg is twice the size of Jocey's scrawny chicken leg...

Sunbathing Beauties...

Cute Crewy...just adore that little man!

Brady, Laurel and Cannon on the tube...
Todd was able to knock them off...

Friday morning Todd and I made the trip to the salon to be beautified by Aunt Emily...haven't been able to find anyone even half as good at doing my hair in LA! I was then able to spend the afternoon and evening with my dear friends from medical school catching up...oh how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends!

Saturday was spent lunching at Cafe Rio...a vacation must! We then spend Saturday night playing more cards with Grammy Char...absolutely one of my favorite past-times!

Sunday we were able to attend church, enjoy Sunday dinner and then off to the airport and back to work!

Thanks to the Wolthuis and Grunander families for making our visit so always pamper us and we really appreciate it! Can't wait for our next visit in October!!! We miss and love you all more than you can know!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily...a few days late!

Although my sister Emily's birthday was last week, I did want to let her know how much I love and admire her. She is the most perfect mother and wife..I am in awe of how she is able to keep up with 3 very busy boys, always cook a wonderful meal, her home could be a picture our of a magazine, all while serving her ward and neighbors endlessly!!! Happy Birthday a few days grateful that you are my sister and my friend!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Harbor-UCLA and USC graduations

Every year in June was are able to attend celebration dinners in honor of the graduating chief residents. Here are a few pictures from our respective program graduations...

USC Orthopedic Surgery Graduation

Danny (2nd year), Adam (chief), Nora (4th year and Todd's trauma chief this year)

Mike (Todd's co-resident) and his fiancee Judy

One of Todd's favorite graduation chiefs, Bobick

Another of Todd's favorite chiefs, Maddhov and co-resident TJ

TJ and Todd's trauma chief, Adam.
Harbor-UCLA General Surgery Graduation

The girls of Harbor General Surgery

My co-residents...Armen, Taryne, Cliff. Missing Matt...

The Famous...Infamous....flip flop of my trauma chief.
He would wear these with bootie covers while on trauma call and walk around the blood covered ER trauma bay....GROSS!!!

My co-resident and dear friend Taryne
Notice someone missing from my graduation dinner...Where is Todd you ask??? At the Angels baseball game sitting right behind the dugout...apparently tickets that just "couldn't be passed up." I think I deserve a pair of shoes for letting him ditch about you???