Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kauai 2010....CONTINUED

Day 6

Thursday morning was spent snorkeling
at Tunnels Beach.
We all had a great time admiring the
beautiful coral and fish.

That afternoon, we went on a catamaran boat cruise
of the norther part of the island.

Jocey is all ready to see the fishies!!!

Paisely not convinced she likes the sand and water...

Larry, our boat guide....

Grammy catching some zzz.... along with the waves!

After we got dropped at shore, we had to wait in the pitch black
for the cars to come and get was it dark!
Good think we had each other as we were left there
waiting for over 30 minutes!


Alissa said...

It is gorgeous! Looks like so much fun.

Emily said...

Lets go back!

Veronica said...

So fun! What a laugh about you all being in the dark after the catamaran cruise. Dad still remembers his stubbed toe in the dark. It was certainly fun on the boat. Love you are overdoing it!

John and Brittney said...

Great job recapping the trip. I love your pictures! Hope you guys had fun in Vegas last weekend, we love and miss you both.

Laurel said...

Love the picture of the backs of you and todd on the boat! Wish I could have been on the boat ride, except for being stranded in the dark!