Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

I can't believe that Todd and I are celebrating our 11 year wedding anniversary today. I t seems like just yesterday that we were sharing our first kiss by the WHS tennis courts during a Halloween stomp as sophomores in high school! What absolute utter joy that you have brought into my life...more that I could have ever dreamed possible! Heavenly Father has truly blessed me with the most amazing and wonderful husband imaginable and I would be utterly lost without you! You sacrifice so much on my behalf...and I know that it is not equally returned! You never fail to provide for my needs whatever they may be. You go out of your way to cook, clean, do errands, grocery shop and ensure that the laundry is always done despite how busy you are. You carry me to bed when I am absolutely too exhausted to walk the short distance from the couch to bedroom, never forgetting to get my alarm set for the next morning. You allow me to stay in bed and answer intern and resident endless pages and phone calls all through the night even though you may be on call the next day. You are loving, kind, thoughtful, supportive, a worthy priesthood holder and exercise that power within our home, and despite how tired or stressed you may be feeling, you never fail to bring a smile to my face when all I want to do is cry...and if I do cry, your supportive shoulder and listening ear are always there! How blessed I am to be your wife. If asked to make a list of the qualities I hoped and looked for in a husband, my best list would have fallen very short of the man that you are. I love and adore you more than I ever imagined possible! You are the love of my life!!!!!


Alissa said...

Happy Anniversary! You got a catch, Meg!

Mindy M. said...

Happy Anniversary to such a wonderful couple!! Your words are beautiful Meg. Only a very short time and you two will be back here ~~ can't wait!! Love you both and I hope you had a wonderful day together!!

Emily said...

YOu guys are such an amazing couple! Hope you can celebrate!

Veronica said...

Megan, your eloquent words made me cry. Todd is truly a wonderful man and I am so grateful that you two married. Your description must be saved because it is such a personal and true tribute. Happy Anniversary. You are both wonderful people and we are lucky you are in our family....we are the blessed ones. Love you!

John and Brittney said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are perfect for each other. We love you!

Laurel said...

You guys are such a great couple and I love that picture. You are GORGEOUS! Glad you could get a weekend away, enjoy! Love you.

Steph and Brady said...

You guys are so cute together. What a sweet post. I hope Brady and I can be sweet like you guys are after 11 years.

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