Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Other Side of the Knife

I have been struggling for months with my right hand.

Excruciating pain.
Electric shocks shooting up my arm.
Having to use my left hand to assist my dysfunctional
right hand while operating.
Painful steroid injections into my wrist by my sweet husband
at home late at night while I whimper and cry.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

After the injections were no longer helping and operating had become
just too painful to bear, I decided it was time for more definitive action.

That's for the surgeon.

Me waiting to be rolled back to the operating room.
And yes, I look drugged because I was drugged...versed to be exact!

The Aftermath...still drugged and showing it!

Post-Operative Day #8.
Swelling improved.
Bruising significantly better.
Signs of "hum...what happened...suicide attempt gone bad" diminishing.

My surgeons post-op instructions to me: use sparingly,

My own post-op instructions: use at will,
whimper as needed, operating 6 days later!


Veronica said...

Love the pictures....not so much the stitches and bruising. Megan, yes, physicians are not able to heal have done too much too soon. You do have a way with a description though. So glad you are able to be done with your surgery and recovering. You definitely had the best care in Todd...what an angel to help you out. Love you dear surgeon.

Mindy M. said...

So Rod has been to the clinic for a long 1 1/2 hours tonight. He went to put a horse away and it stepped on his right foot. Saw him wobbling in and in too much pain to talk. An hour later he couldn't stand it any longer so on to the clinic we go. They took X rays and yes, his 4th toe is WAY broken and they had to poke a hole in his baby toe to drain all the blood. He is in a walking boot and will have the X rays sent on to surgeon tomorrow. He has to wear the boot for 4 weeks ~~ well, go home and the boot came off. Didn't even last 4 hours.
But, glad you are doing great!! Love the drug look on you!!

Laurel said...

Oh no Mindy, that is horrible! Megan, you doctors are the worst patients, remember compliance! : ) Just kidding I hope it heals quickly and I am glad it was surgery and not a suicide attempt because it does look pretty close ; ).

Emily said...

Glad you are doing all the pictures!

John and Brittney said...

I am glad that you got it fixed. I hope that you are recuperating well. You need that wrist for your livelihood. Love you!

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