Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kauai 2010....CONTINUED

Days 7 and 8

Friday morning the Wolthuis klan and Grammy Char went tubing down the old canals that had been used to water the sugar cane fields. We spent 3 hours in "delightfully tepid" water streaming down narrow canals and through caves. We had an absolute fabulous time!!! The brother-in-laws kept everybody entertained tossing each other from their tube, splashing and making a ruckus!

After our tubing adventure, we hiked to these hidden lake where you are able to cliff jump and ride the most incredible tree swing! It took some of us...me...a few moments to convince myself to jump. Others...Brady and Cannon...showed no fear leaping off the cliff without a second thought!
Brady mid-backflip!

On my way down...you bet I have my nose plugged!

Jocey mid-jump with Daddy watching!

Cannon truly loved cliff jumping!!!

Saturday morning we all worked to pack and clean the condos in preparation to leave.
Of course, I had to have a picture of the island's endangered species...roosters!

Mommy and Grammy outside the condo...I love these gals!

The entire group...how blessed I am to be a member of this family!

We then traveled to the southern part of the island through the tunnel of trees and to the spouting horn.

Then it was off to the airport and back to reality.
As we were eating lunch that afternoon, Todd got a call from the airline that the plane we were supposed to connect on in Oahu was having mechanical troubles and would we mind taking a later but direct flight...IN FIRST CLASS...um, let me think about that...YES!!!

Jocey modeling all of our straw hats...

Todd is such a sweetheart and helps haul all of my things....
here he is modeling my straw hats, and the purse and carry-on he always lugs for me!

Brady and Laurel enjoying first class...and the space it provided for Paisley to sleep easily on the floor underneath them!

Jocey and Mommy enjoying our lovely meal!

Daddy Warbucks traveling the way he deserves!!!
Thanks for a fabulous vacation!

Fabulous vacation...sad it had to come to an end!

And last but not least, congrats to Brittney on winning the
"MAY I" PLATE...game well played!!!


Jill said...

I love the picture of your Dad in First Class!!! He's loving it!! Loved reading all the posts about your trip!

We got upgraded to First Class on our way home from Hawaii too! I agree, it makes for a wonderful ending to a wonderful vacation.

Veronica said...

Every time I read a blog about the trip I smile and WANT to go back. Loved being with you and Todd. Love you girl!

Laurel said...

Can we PLEASE do it again and SOON! I love every moment with you guys and wish we had more time together. I am proud of you for cliff jumping, I was way to scared to even try. Funny that the 2 times I have flown first class has been because of you!

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